Covid-19 Response




On Monday, June 7, 2021, the Ontario government announced that it will move the Province to Step One of its Roadmap to Reopen on Friday, June 11, 2021. In Step One, we no longer need to operate by appointment only with limited business hours.

What does this mean for you?

Highland will remain open with the following restrictions:

  • We will operate at 50 per cent capacity
  • A safety plan has been prepared and is available upon request
  • Our customers and our team will continue to physically distance and wear a mask or face covering inside the dealership
  • We will post signage informing you of our capacity limit for our showroom.

What about test drives?

The Province will continue to allow test drives under certain restrictions:

  • Test drives must be limited to a maximum of 10 minutes
  • A maximum of two people, including up to one sales representative, may be present in the vehicle during the test drive
  • If two people who are not members of the same household are present in the vehicle during the test drive, all windows in the vehicle must be opened at all times
  • Masks or face coverings must be worn by everyone participating in the test drive
  • Vehicles must be properly disinfected before and after each test drive.


This Policy has been developed further to the instructions of York Region’s Medical Officer of Health issued on July 10, 2020 which requires businesses and organizations to develop a policy requiring anyone (both employees and customers) entering their premises to be wearing a Face Covering.

The Policy applies in any enclosed spaces which are open to the public and where customers interact with one another or staff members. It does not apply to outdoor areas such as patios, whether or not the area is covered.

For the purpose of this Policy, a “Face Covering” means a non-medical mask or face covering such as a bandana, scarf or cloth (including a hijab and niqab) that covers the mouth and nose.

All Highland staff must use their best efforts to prevent anyone from entering the premises if the person is not wearing a Face Covering. If you see a person entering the premises without a Face Covering, please advise the person of this requirement. Please ensure that they use the hand sanitizer before entering the premises and remind them of the need to maintain a distance of 6 feet from any other person.

If the person refuses to wear a Face Covering, you may still let them enter the premises. Please remain polite and do not engage in any verbal confrontation.

The following individuals are exempt from the requirement of wearing a Face Covering:

• Children under 5 years of age
• Anyone who cannot wear a Face Covering because of a medical condition
• Anyone who cannot place or remove a Face Covering without assistance
• Anyone who refuses to wear a Face Covering based on any ground in the Human Rights Code.

If anyone states that they cannot wear a Face Covering because of any of the above reasons, you may accept their explanation and not require them to explain further or require proof.

If you see anyone in the premises who has removed their Face Covering for an extended period, please remind them that the Face Covering should be worn.

Note that Face Coverings may be removed temporarily for the following purposes:

• receiving services that would require temporary removal;
• consuming food or drink;
• for any emergency or medical purpose;
• while actively engaging in an athletic or fitness activity including water-based activities.

Should you require additional information, please contact your Health and Safety committee.